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20003 - Snowflake #2

Challenge #2

In your own space, talk about your fannish history.

Glad I didn't include this in my intro! Lol.

Anyway, I think i've been a fan for longer than I've known there was such a thing. Growing up, I was obsessed with Nancy Drew, with the Dragonriders of Pern, and with Star Trek. I used to even tell my brother made up dragonrider stories when we were at my dad's when I was a teen.

But I didn't discover fandoms were a thing until I'd read the first several Harry Potter books. I LOVED them. But even then, I didn't discover fandom until found a link on Leaky, I think, to some fanfiction. Even then, I didn't really find it until there was an article about some fanfiction and it linked me to one of the original SS/HG fics, and to a fic site I can't even remember the names of. I became entranced and then obsessed, and then I found WIKTT, and the rest is history. I think this was near the end of 2003, which was my first semester at college and my first time having ready and constant access to the internet.

Though I absorbed a ton of it, none of my SS/HG fics ever gained a following. My writing at first, of course, wasn't great. I found a tiny niche in rare pairs. I've archived most of my stuff on AO3.

I have since dabbled in a few fandoms, particularly the Star Trek reboot. But several years ago I just stopped being able to write fanfics on any large scale. In part, I burned myself out writing a novel for a fest (I didn't REALIZE it was going to be novel length to start with, you understand) in like, 6 weeks. But it never came readily back to me, probably in part because I was working 12 hr nights and just couldn't any more.

I have gone to a bunch of Harry Potter conventions and also some much broader conventions. Mostly sci-fi/fantasy related. I have extensively RPed in the Harry Potter world as well as in some original things. But this past year, I also seem to have lost the ability to do even that. Maybe it will come back. Maybe it won't.

My other contributions to fandoms are, I suppose, promoting a bunch of books as well as some authors I'm personally acquainted with, a few with somewhat big names but many more who I suspect will BECOME some bigger names at some point. *stares at her friend Jason pointedly* I swear to god if he ever writes his young adult series, I will MAKE it the most popular fucking thing since Harry Potter. AHEM.

But anyway, my forays into fandoms have been very diverse. I've read a lot of fandoms I haven't participated in, often because I had friends who were fans (and sometimes needed me to beta/edit things, which i actually still do for some people <3). But I'm not really someone people know or think of, just a lurker on the edges of things :)

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