Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Snowflake Challenge: Day 3

Day 03

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

I don't really do resolutions, honestly. Mum says my goals are the same thing, but I see goals as changeable and resolutions as, well, resolute, so there you go.

I actually have quite a list this year and I'm making every effort to not be overwhelmed. There's no set deadline for them, and they're just goals. If I don't do them, I won't die.

Under a cut and separated into categories for ease of things. Going to try not to chatter about them as I go.


~ Tag journal entries. I'm horrible about not doing this.
~ Keep active in posting and commenting.  I'm usually good at this but keep it up!

Real Life

~ Keep up with housekeeping.
~ Limit spending.
~ Perhaps set monthly goals to better keep up with things.
~ Try the bullet journal as keladry_lupin suggested. Assess if it works for me.
~ Look for a house to purchase. This is the big goal. I cannot wait for Prince Charming to show up. I need to work towards what I want myself regardless of whether I'll ever have an SO.
~ Cook at least once a week. Try to make bought dinners an emergency thing rather than a regular thing.
~ Look into karate classes. Be more physically active.
~ As much horse time as I can fit in.
~ Look into a photography class or learning experience.
~ Self care. Figure out how to do it better.
~ 50 Book Reading Goal. *actually update Goodreads this year instead of being an idiot about it  *try to write reviews *virtual book club with kandiqueen
~ Promote other people's work particularly my author friends.


~ Write at least 1000 words/month of non-RP material.
~ Start original novel
~ Consider writing short stories.
~ Super-beta On Vesta's Wings and post it to archives. I need a beta for this who is willing to put some elbow grease into it.
~ Mod interhouse_fest and make sure I do more of the work this year so katmarajade doesn't work herself to death
~ Push my comfort zones somehow.
~ Attend writer's group at least once a month. *prep draft for anthology. *prep contest email account *don't die or get overwhelmed.


~ Keep eyes open for another job. Don't be afraid.
~ Put in for any applicable jobs at Company.
~ Overhaul resume.
~ Keep up with work paperwork in a timely manner.


~ Do at least 3 baby blankets.
~ Attempt ear warmers.
~ Attempt baby booties.
~ Consider patchwork loom blanket with excess yarn.

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