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Dear Chocolatebox writer/artist...

Dear Author/Artist,

First off, thank you for participating! And second off, I'm dreadfully easy to please, to be perfectly honest. I'm going to list a few general things below and some fandom-specific things, but take them more as guidelines than strict hard things, except perhaps my squicks. Just give me a nice little story or piece of art, and I'll be pleased as anything!

Things I Like

Plot over smut, an element of realism/believability, team or friendship fic, romantic relationships. The family of the heart or the family you make for yourself as well as blood family. Well developed characters and secondary characters having a moment to shine/being center stage.

Friendship/love in unexpected places, friends to lovers, bonding over (sometimes unusual) hobbies. Pretend relationships leading to the real thing, figuring out you have deeper feelings than you know. Wit and banter and cleverness, admiration for more than just the physical (if romantic). Cultural differences. Hurt/comfort.

Kinkwise, I can be pretty vanilla at times but aside from my few squicks, I'm open to trying new things. Kissing/foreplay, frottage, desperation, playfulness, half-clothed, oral. I don't mind most sorts of AUs unless listed otherwise below.

Squicks/Do Not Like

Having to suspend my belief in unbelievable ways. A/B/O dynamics (I find them unbelievable and absurd). Fluids not usually found in sex. Rape that is romanticized (unless perhaps it's a fantasy role play). Magical sex makes everything better.

The Grey Area

I'm not general into heavy kink/BDSM. That being said, if you do it well and it fits with the story and the characters, then I don't think I'll mind much.

The Fandoms

Stargate SG-1

I believe I chose the following:
Team SG-1
Sam & Janet

I'm generally hardcore Sam/Jack fan. I love them together. They break my heart. Team fic is love. I love how smart and brave Sam is. How much more Jack is than he portrays himself. Daniel's intelligence and nerdiness. Janet is awesome.

Prompts: The family we make; putting you first; everything went right but everything felt wrong.

Once again, so easy to please. You don't have to use any of those prompts!

The Dresden Files

I believe I chose:
Harry & Karrin Murphy
Molly & Harry
Harry & Bob

Honestly, I love Harry/Murphy hard but I didn't see that as an option on the let down. I even see a good argument for Harry/Molly (NOT underage). Molly/Ramirez. Honestly, there's so much to love. I am actually behind on reading the last book, but you don't have to take that into account. My favorite of all time was Dead Beat, though! I love the family dynamics that come up, Harry's found family, the way they all try to make it work.

I love friendship fic, so seeing a touching moment or someone saving someone else's ass would be awesome.

Prompts: It was like kindergarten all over again; if you don't shut up, I'll make you; you did WHAT?

Guidelines, people!

The Others by Anne Bishop

Any pairing/character

That being said, please let's not torture Meg too much, okay? I'm not looking for deviance here. I ADORE this series so hardcore. I've read or listened to it at least five times in the past year and a half. It's my go to right now. What isn't to love, honestly? The non-humanness of the Others. Meg's sweetness and willingness to help everyone. The dynamics that are formed between the Courtyard residents and the humans that make up their pack.

I'd love to see the past of just about anyone there. How did Tess know about the cassandra sangue? Just what incident did Burke go through that changed him so profoundly? Give me a tender moment between anyone. I love Meg/Simon. I love Meg and Sam. Or Meg and anyone (friendship). Or the friendship between Vlad and Simon that seems so different than most Wolves and Sanguinati. Grandfather Erebus. Jean. Hope. The old woman cassandra sangue who shaped Simon's entire life!!!

Seriously, so easy to please. I'm not even sure I have prompts for this, I just would love anything!

Harry Potter

I think I chose:
Hermione & Severus (Or SS/HG if you prefer)

Guys, this is my main fandom. I love rarepairs, on the whole. If you want to go outside of this list, I'm open. I have so many loves when it comes to this, and I'm really very easy. I love magic, seeing outside what the books showed us. I love Luna's quirkiness. I love my Slytherin boys. I like Snape. I love magical creatures.

Seriously, I love everything. So helpful, right?

This is where I get a lot of my main likes up above. Friendships, made families, finding commonalities where you expected to find differences. I would love almost anything here. I don't want anything hugely dark unless you want to find a way to break my heart perfectly. (Yeah, still helpful, I know, I know.)

Prompts: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes; they share a hobby/talent they had no idea they shared; s/he never expected this...

Just no non-magical AUs please. Pretty much anything else is up for grabs!

The Goblin Emperor

I think I chose:
Csethiro & Maia

Ack. I know I chose more, but I apparently didn't note them down. Sorry!

I adore this book so hard, too. It's one of my other go-tos. I love the world building. I love Maia. I love the careful dance of relationships/friendships. The way he finds he has bulwarks, friendships, etc. The pronouns!!! The ears! The cultures! I could continue flailing happily away for hours.

I would love to see exploring those more in depth. Can Csethiro and Maia find more than duty and friendship? What kind of Empress is she going to be? What of the fighting on the plains? Does his cousin make another appearance, this time to help rather than harm? The list is endless.

Aside from Csethiro and Maia's relationship which I have such feels for, I also really like Csevet and Maia, as Csevet is essential the Emperor in all minor things. I think this binds them closely together too.

Jump forward in the future! Don't be afraid if that's what you want.

A few prompts: He was the Bridgebuilder, but she? She was the...; Lost in a footnote, at the bottom of the page; It was so unexpectedly expected; s/he always sought approval s/he thought s/he would never find.

Again, all of these things are merely guidelines! THANK YOU, dear creator, for taking a look here. I know I will love ANYTHING you create. Thank you for the time and care and creativity on my behalf.


PS - feel free to ask questions, if you wish.
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