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02 January 2015 @ 12:55 am
Dear Chocolate boxer  
Dear Chocolate box creator,
Let’s start with, I think you’re awesome for participating. I am absurdly easy to please. I’ll like pretty much anything. Mostly just stay away from my DNWs.

DNW – rape/dub con, things in sex that don’t normally belong in sex, violence where it shouldn’t be unless the plot calls for it, etc. I don’t enjoy a lot of heavy kinks, if you do sex.

Love – banter, snark, plot, characterization. Unseen moments. Love in all its forms.

Favorite tropes – friendship to love, unusual hobbies bringing couples together, arranged marriages, etc.

Harry Potter
~ Unusual hobbies lead to friendships/love
~ Severus and Minerva (Or S/M) – banter and friendship
~ Honestly, just about anything. Preference to plotty but just a snapshot is great.

Fairy Tales
~ I just love fairy tales, you guys. They’re fabulous. Retell them, give another POV, a moment the short tale misses, whatever comes to mind. Friendship, love, misunderstandings, whatever you want.

The Goblin Emperor
~ I love this book so much, y’all. It’s fantastic. I’ve wanted more since the first time I read it. I’ll pretty much love any tidbit you give me. Give Maia some happiness, let him do some good. Let him have someone to love/someone to love him.

Star Wars
~ Family, relationships, friendships, love, how they bleed into each other. Adventure, fun, angst. Experiences.
~ Rey and her newness to the world. The stories she’s heard (and it’s obvious she’s heard some) versus the truths she finds. Her experiences with people she can trust.
~ Leia and her experiences. Family. Leia and Han, their son, everything.

Stargate SG-1
~ SG-1 is the one I loved best.
~ Teams, bonds, love, friendship, everything. Team fic. The aftermaths, dealing with them, together and apart. Adventures. Being total and complete geeks over things.

Honestly, I’m very easy to please. Just a little something. I love plot and relationships, no matter what sort they are.

Most sincerely,


PS - feel free to drop a question here if you need to :)