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Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

But I Kinda Like It
Summary: Tony had provoking Steve’s temper down to an art form. Steve needs to make shutting him up into an art form as well. That might be harder than it sounds.
Notes: PG-13 | 339 words
Links: AO3 | LJ



Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy

Anyone Who Knows You
Summary: Everyone thinks Harry is gay with Thomas. Murphy knows better.
Notes: PG | 183 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

William “Billy” Bordan/Georgia McAlister

Pairing: Billy/Georgia
Summary: Bodies can be claimed through sex, but kisses lay claim to the soul.
Notes: NC-17 | 341 words
Links: AO3 | LJ


Harry Dresden

Tribbling Troubles
Summary: Tribbles come to Chicago, and Bob is missing. Who can he go to now?
Notes: PG| 735 words
Links: AO3 | LJ



Malcom Reynolds/Inara Serra

Hiding in a Kiss
Summary: Mal kisses Inara, but not for the reasons she wants.
Notes: PG-13 | 213 words
Links: AO3 | LJ



Peeta Mellark/Katniss Everdeen

You Never Saw
Summary: At first, you only see her in the light of love.
Notes: PG-13, 2nd person POV | 213 words
Links: AO3 | LJ



Eragon Shadeslayer

Swift Rescue
Summary: Three go on a mission, but the escape gets a little harrowing.
Characters: Also Arya Dröttningu and Saphira.
Notes: PG | 256 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | IJ | LJ



Jack O’Neill/Samantha Carter

A Helping Hand
Summary: Escaping a platoon of Jaffa had not been easy, and Sam needs help when she meets back up with the rest of her team.
Notes: PG-13 | 743 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Various male members/Mary Sue self-inserts

Daniel in a Situation
Summary: Daniel falls into a situation, and the team is very amused.
Notes: PG-13, Mary Sue self inserts, shameless fun | 418 words | Followed by Through the Doors
Links: LJ

Through the Doors
Summary: Shameless self-insertions. Harems. Hehehe.
Notes: PG-13, Mary Sue self inserts | 469 words | Follows Daniel in a Situation
Links: LJ


Team Bonding
Characters: SG-1
Summary: SG-1 is forced into doing a “team-bonding” session.
Notes: PG-13| 463 words
Links: AO3 | LJ / CAT / FFNET



Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann

Sparks in the Sky
Summary: Jack shows Elizabeth the secrets of the sky.
Notes: PG | 116 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | LJ

Jack Sparrow/Scarlett

A Kiss for Scarlett
Summary: Scarlett has heard many things about Captain Jack Sparrow.
Characters: Also Giselle
Notes: PG-13 | 143 words
Links: AO3 | LJ


Out, Damn Spot
Characters: Elizabeth and Jack.
Summary: Elizabeth has dreams of that day and the actions she took – but the stain shall stay.
Notes: PG-13 | 156 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | IJ | LJ

Spark of Life
Summary: Jack always did have that spark.
Notes: G | 141 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | LJ



Christopher Pike/Number One

Weak to be Strong
Characters: Christopher Pike/Number One
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 1,032
Summary: I was his Number One for many years, and it doesn’t take much for me to see he’s hurting on the inside as well as the outside.
Links: LJ

Spock/Nyota Uhura

Animal and Vegetable
Summary: Spock and Nyota have a discussion of food preferences.
Notes: PG | 324 words
Links: AO3 | LJ


James Kirk/Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Matters of Survival
Characters: Kirk/Bones
Summary: Bones finally gets Jim back for all the teasing he's been forced to endure over the years.
Links: AO3 | LJ

James Kirk/Spock

Heart Only Breaks When It's Beating
Summary: Jim Kirk's heart has always led him well, a steady beat of his own internal drummer. He's forced to break it, however, and the consequences are more devastating than he expected.
Notes: R, infidelity, suicidal thoughts | 4335 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Pavel Chekov

De-Nial Runs Through Russia
Summary: He's sorry, so sorry. Always so damned sorry. Warnings for domestic abuse.
Notes: R, domestic abuse | 386 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott/Pavel Chekov

Talking Maths
Summary: Scotty and Chekov are working on some equations, but they get a little distracted in the process.
Notes: R | 719 words
Links: AO3 | LJ


James Kirk

Home is the Sailor
Summary: It was an eventuality they had prepared for but one which Bones found himself unready to face. Jim must talk him into letting go.
Characters: Also Leonard “Bones” McCoy
Notes: R for language and character death | 1335 words | followed by Where He Longed to Be
Links: AO3 | LJ |
stand_december made this wallpaper

If It Can Go Wrong
Summary: Jim Kirk attracts more trouble than anyone Bones has ever met. Why should a simple camping trip be any different?
Characters: Jim and Bones, Jocelyn and Joanna, various extras
Rating/Warnings: R for language, pre-slash | 4,374 words | Part of the “Friends are Family” ‘Verse | Sequel to Next of Kin
Links: AO3 | LJ

Next of Kin
Summary: Bones gets a call from the hospital and finds out something rather surprising.
Characters: Kirk, Bones, random OCs
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 | 1981 words | Part of the “Friends are Family” ‘Verse | Prequel to If It Can Go Wrong
Links: AO3 | AO3

Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Where He Longed to Be
Summary: Leonard McCoy has lived a long life, but he’s ready to go home.
Characters: Bones, Kirk, Joanna/Chekov
Rating/Warnings: R, language, character death | 1232 words | Sequel to Home is the Sailor
Links: AO3 | LJ


Summary: Sarek demands an explanation from an all-too-familiar Vulcan.
Characters: Also Spock Prime
Notes: PG | 612 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Winona Kirk

I Am Your Child
Summary: Jim Kirk’s relationship with his mother changes as he ages.
Characters: James T. Kirk, various crew members. Hint of Jim/Bones, but brief and in passing.
Notes: PG-13 | 7156 words
Links: AO3 | LJ



Leia Organa

Would, Should, Need, Can
Summary: What Leia would say to her son if she could.
Characters: Kylo Ren (Ben Solo), Han Solo
Links: commentficathon



Edward Cullen/Bella Swan

Summary: His presence haunts her, even though he is far away.
Characters: Also Jacob
Notes: PG | 185 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | IJ | LJ

Emmett Cullen/Rosalie Hale

Tawny Gold
Summary: Emmett and Rosalie go to Africa to get away from everything.
Notes: PG | 154 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | IJ | LJ /

Jacob Black/Bella Swan

What Wolf-Men Want
Summary: Jacob and Bella go on a camp out.
Notes: PG, AU | 320 words
Links: AO3 |FFNET | IJ | LJ

Jasper Hale/Alice Cullen

Giving Chase
Summary: A run through the woods.
Notes: PG-13 | 204 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | IJ | LJ



King Leonidas/Queen Gorgo
Summary: She had never known it could hurt this much.
Characters: Also Dilios
Notes: PG-13 | 161 words
Links: AO3 | LJ
Tags: masterlist, writing

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