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Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindlewald

A Seduction
Summary: He didn’t know it was a seduction at the time.
Notes: PG-13 | 281 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy

Just a Kiss
Summary: A kiss is just a kiss, right?
Notes: R | 460 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy

Summary: Draco was pissed in both senses of the word.
Notes: PG-13 | 174 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Reason Why, The
Summary: Draco tells Blaise not to leave. Blaise asks him to give him a reason to stay.
Notes: R | 100 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Blaise Zabini/Theodore Nott

Strip Rummy
Summary: Every month, the Slytherin class of 1998 congregated to drink and play cards. Blaise has to wonder what, exactly, Theo is playing at this time, though.
Notes: R, side of femmeslash | 790 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Strip Rummy II
Summary: Blaise Zabini had no idea what Theo was up to tonight, but he was determined to find out.
Notes: NC-17 | 2116 words | Sequel to Strip Rummy
Links: AO3 | LJ

Charlie Weasley/Draco Malfoy

Dragon Tamer
Summary: Charlie is getting another tattoo--hardly a big surprise. But who else is there getting one too?
Notes: R | 2,177 words
Link: AO3

Charlie Weasley/Theodore Nott

Seeking Virtue
Summary: Charlie runs late again, but Theo doesn't really mind.
Notes: PG-13 | 599 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

Hot and Heavy
Summary: Hermione noticed it first, and it really was hot.
Characters: Also Ronald Weasley/Hermione Granger
Notes: PG-13 | 637 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

James Potter II/Teddy Lupin

Tricks or Treats
Summary: Teddy wasn’t sure if this was a trick or a treat—or a little of both.
Notes: NC-17 | 200 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood

Path Less Traveled By, The
Summary: Percy Weasley must tread a darker road than anyone knows when he gets out of school and begins his life. Not everything is as it seems.
Notes: R, language, suicidal urges | 3190 words
Links: AO3 | LJ | Percy Ficathon

Remus Lupin/Severus Snape

Where Else
Summary: Remus makes a visit after a momentous event in his life. Severus finds him there.
Notes: PG-13, slash | 100 words
Links: AO3


Astoria Greengrass (Malfoy) / Millicent Bulstrode

Of All the Things She Ever Said
Summary: Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, ‘might have been.’
Notes: PG-13 | 399
Links: AO3 | LJ

Augusta Longbottom/Minerva McGonagall

To Wish Impossible
Summary: Everyone else remembered it as the day Harry Potter came to Hogwarts. Minerva McGonagall, however, remembered it as the day that Neville Longbottom arrived in her school and in her House.
Notes: PG-13 | 387 words
Links: AO3

Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood

One Brave Chance
Summary: Luna wins a bet, and she claims it in an unusual fashion.
Notes: PG-13 | 672 words
Links: LJ | AO3

Luna Lovegood/Pansy Parkinson

Locked In
Summary: Pansy and Luna get locked in a room.
Notes: PG | 200 words
Links: AO3


Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger

Bittersweet Symphony
Summary: The notes linger on in her mind, each combining to strike the chords of Hermione's heart. Each movement of the symphony progresses the relationship.
Notes: R | 700 words
Links: AO3 | LJ | Lumos

Summary: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I'm the unfairest one of all.
Notes: PG-13, threesome | 386 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Unmitigated Disaster
Summary: It was a disaster. An unmitigated disaster.
Notes: PG | 375 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ronald Weasley

Summary: And they say we're unconventional!
Notes: PG-13, implied bestiality | 480 words
Links: AO3 | LJ | TPP

Day After Now, The
Summary: You have me now, and the day after now, and the day after the day after now.
Notes: PG-13, character death | 389 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea
Summary: They get caught coming back from an excursion.
Notes: PG | 226 words
Link: AO3 | FFNET | LJ | Lumos | TPP

Ooh That Smell
Summary: Hermione woke up feeling like she was back camping with Horcruxes, and she and Harry figure out why.
Notes: PG-13 | 282 words
Link: AO3

Try, Try, and Try Again
Summary: Ron and Hermione have to convince Harry that he'd loved.
Notes: PG-13 | 443 words
Links: AO3

Viktor Krum/Fleur Delacour/Cedric Diggory

Reaching Equilibrium
Summary: The three oldest Triwizard champions meet for a very private celebration before the Final Task.
Notes: NC-17 | 2105 words
Links: AO3 | LJ | wizard_love


Ariana Dumbledore

Can’t Help It
Characters: Ariana, Albus, and Aberforth Dumbledore; Gellert Grindlewald
Summary: She can’t help it. She never has been able to. She can’t help watching him. She can’t help fancying him. She can’t help anything.
Notes: PG-13 | 1500 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | IJ | LJ | TPP

Bellatrix Black-Lestrange

Well-Behaved Witches
Summary: Druella Black has many ideas of what a well-behaved witch should be like. Bellatrix doesn’t always agree.
Notes: R, violence/character death | 500 words
Links: AO3

Bill Weasley

Run with the Pack
Summary: There were nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howled. This was not such a night—no, tonight they would howl their freedom and joy to the world.
Characters: Also Remus Lupin
Notes: G | 330 words
Links: AO3

Cedric Diggory

Yellow is the Colour of Caution

Summary: Hufflepuffs would do well to remember that yellow means caution.
Characters: Also Nymphadora Tonks
Notes: PG | 300 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | In French by benebu | LJ

Charlie Weasley

Against the Rules
Summary: It was against every rule to want her.
Characters: Also Bill Weasley/Fleur Delacour.
Notes: PG-13, unrequited love | 350 words
Links: AO3

Birthday Wish, A
Summary: Some birthdays are harder than others.
Notes: PG-13, mentions of character death | 416 words
Links: AO3 | LJ | Lumos | TPP

Last Wishes
Summary: Charlie answers the door and his entire life changes forever.
Characters: Also wizarding lawyers, Teddy Lupin, and past Charlie/Tonks, Remus/Tonks
Notes: PG-13, canonical character deaths, EWE | 561 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Princess of Dragons
Summary: Charlie is made Victoire’s godfather upon her birth, and he becomes an intrinsic part of her life.
Notes: PG-13 | 4145 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Draco Malfoy

Taking the Mark
Summary: The throb of his arm took up all of Draco’s thoughts.
Notes: PG-13 | 459 words
Links: AO3

Ensemble Cast

Game of Life, The
Summary: Dumbledore isn’t dead but is in hiding with Sirius in a bungalow in Dorking, leaving Snape to take the blame. But Hermione is on the case.
Characters: Cedric Diggory, Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, Harry Potter, miscellaneous others.
Notes: PG-13, implied character death, crack fic | 3336 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Traitor's Games
Summary: AU. Voldemort won the war many years ago, and this year's Summer Games features a traitor from their midst.
Characters: Voldmort/Bellatrix, Pansy Parkinson/Seamus Finnegan, Draco Malfoy/Astoria Malfoy, Blaise Zabini/Fleur Weasley, Theo Nott/Padma Patil, Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, Percy Weasley/Hermione Granger, implied Minotaur/Maze
Notes: R, Alternate Universe | 2706 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

George Weasley

Look Long into the Abyss
Summary: Although the grass already covered the grave, George could only see the dark abyss of hungry earth that swallowed his soul.
Notes: R, character death | 470 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Harry Potter

Don’t Go
Summary: Lily Luna really doesn’t want her daddy to go away to his auror conference.
Characters: Also Lily Luna Potter.
Notes: PG | 427 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

Phoenix Ashes
Summary: The phoenix always rises from the ashes to burn again. That doesn’t mean the flames still do not hurt.
Notes: R, character death | 399 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

They Fuck You Up
Summary: Harry gets an expected visitor.
Characters: Also Dudley Dursley
Notes: PG-13 | 339 words
Links: AO3

Hermione Granger

Five Books Hermione Never Finished
Summary: Five books Hermione Granger never finished reading.
Notes: PG | 142 words
Links: AO3

H is for Hermione
Notes: PG-13 | 1000 words
Links: LJ

Summary: An unexpected package arrives for Hermione.
Notes: PG-13 | 413 words
Links: AO3

Lily Luna Potter

A Little Lie
Summary: Lily Luna has a problem with her mother.
Characters: Also Ginevra Weasley-Potter
Notes: PG | 300
Links: AO3

Lucius Malfoy

Grief that Burns
Summary: Grief threatened to pull the pureblood man to his knees.
Notes: R, miscarriage | 438 words
Links: AO3

Luna Lovegood

I Have a Dream
Summary: Luna has a dream, but no one really gets it. Until he does.
Notes: PG-13 | 953 words
Links: AO3 | IJ

Rubs Off
Summary: It started, oddly enough, with kindness.
Notes: PG-13 | 318 words
Links: AO3

Marietta Edgecombe

Masks We Wear to Cover the Scars We Bear, The
Summary: Some masks are literal, while others are not.
Notes: PG-13 | 582 words
Links: AO3 | FFNET | LJ | Lumos

Moaning Myrtle

Over My Dead Body
Summary: She will love me.
Notes: PG-13 | 105 words
Links: AO3


Sing the Moon
Summary: Walden Macnair wants a pet werewolf, huh? I’ll show him a pet werewolf.
Character: Also Walden Macnair
Notes: R, non-con, murder | 695 words
Links: AO3

Pansy Parkinson

On the Outside, Looking In
Summary: Pansy receives kindness from an unexpected source.
Characters: Also Theodore Nott
Notes: PG-13 | 482 words
Links: AO3

Poppy Pomfrey

And All the King’s Men
Summary: There was only ever one person who gave Poppy poppies.
Characters: Also Severus Snape.
Notes: PG-13 | 275 words
Links: AO3

Scorpius Malfoy

Summary: “It’s got to happen tonight!” Draco whispered fiercely to his son.
Characters: Also Draco Malfoy
Notes: PG-13 | 298 words
Links: AO3

Severus Snape

Summary: Some things piss Snape off more than others, but negligent mothers get him every time.
Characters: Also Nymphadora Tonks
Notes: PG-13 | 1100 words
Links: AO3 | LJ


Reasons Why Severus Snape Hates the Class of '98 (That Have Little to Do With Harry Potter
Summary: Reasons why Severus Snape hates the class of ’98 that have little or nothing to do with Harry Potter.
Characters: Also Lavender Brown, Seamus Finnegan
Notes: PG-13 | 200 words
Links: 1 & 2, LJ | AO3

Unhappy Halloween, An
Summary: Minerva finds young Severus Snape after Sirius nearly gets him killed.
Characters: Also Minerva McGonagall.
Notes: PG | 200 words
Links: LJ | AO3

Waste Not, Want Not
Summary: He crawled through the forest, weaker than a kitten his father had once drowned.
Notes: R, violence | 117 words
Links: AO3

World was on Fire, The
Summary: I burned once with the need for her. Now, I burn to get her out of my life.
Notes: R | 745 words
Links: AO3

Victoire Weasley

Autumn of His Life, The
Summary: Victoire must fetch something for her dying father.
Characters: Also Bill Weasley/Fleur Weasley
Notes: PG-13, character death | 399 words
Links: AO3

No Laughing Matter
Summary: Halloween is all about tradition, but some people have more fun than others.
Notes: PG-13 | 467 words
Links: AO3 | LJ

HP RP-related

Which don’t fit neatly into other places, but are still technically HP

Anam ‘verse

Her Temptation Now
Pairing: Trella/Eli.
Summary: He was her temptation now.
Links: LJ / IJ

Jax and Kyle
Summary: The two share a moment in the club.
Pairing: Jax/Kyle.
Links: LJ

Jax’s Fantasy
Summary: Jax has a fantasy about Miles.
Pairing: Jax/fantasy!Miles.
Notes: NC-17
Links: LJ

Secrets Should Be Sins
Characters: Blaise.
Summary: Secrets should be sins, but if they were, he would be going straight to hell.
Links: LJ / IJ

Writing Game Drabbles March 2007
Summary: Various drabbles.
Links: LJ

Writing Game Drabbles March 2007 Part 2
Summary: More various drabbles.
Links: LJ

Writing Game Drabbles March 2007 Part 3
Summary: Even more drabbles.
Links: LJ

Writing Game Drabbles April 2007
Summary: Various drabbles.
Links: LJ

Writing Game Drabbles April 2007 Part 2
Summary: More drabbles.
Links: LJ


Summary: Lee was delusional to even think of crossing that line.
Notes: PG-13 | 153 words
Link: IJ | LJ

Faith in the Future
Summary: Lee tries to give Hestia a little hope. If he doesn’t succeed, well, he’ll have faith for the both of them.
Notes: PG | 191 words
Links: IJ | LJ


Summary: Kay gets Ginny into bed. The friction between them burns deliciously.
Pairing: Kay/Ginny.
Notes: Rating | 457 words | Sequel to Not That Kind of Girl, Followed by Realization
Links: LJ

Guilty Desires
Summary: Lee won’t risk ruining a friendship, but a man has to find release somewhere.
Notes: hard R, sexual situations | 263 words
Links: IJ

If He Ever
Summary: Lee’s family is falling apart, and Lee wants to rectify the situation.
Notes: PG | 190 words
Links: IJ

Not That Kind of Girl
Summary: Kay finds a woman to bed for the night.
Pairing: Kay/Ginny.
Notes: Rating | 675 words | Followed by Friction and then Realization
Links: IJ | LJ

Summary: Ginny wakes up and realizes exactly what she did last night.
Pairing: Kay/Ginny.
Notes: Rating | 515 words | Sequel to Not That Kind of Girl and Friction
Links: IJ | LJ

Tickle Monster
Summary: Theo invites Verity over to dinner, and she walks in on a monster attack.
Characters: Theodore Nott, Verity O’Shea, Peter Nott
Links: IJ | LJ

Tucking in a Friend
Summary: Lee stays late one night and tucks a friend into bed.
Notes: G | 200 words
Links: IJ | LJ

You’re Late
Summary: Theo's running late -- sort of.
Links: IJ | LJ

Questioning Nature, A
Summary: Verity is helping Amalthea with Charms, and a different kind of charm comes up in conversation.
Characters: Verity, Amalthea.
Links: IJ | LJ

Silent Twilight

Rage Like Fire, Sorrow Like Wind
Characters: Tara Yaxley, Walden McNair Jr.
Summary: Tara loses her temper again, and Walden picks up the pieces.
Links: IJ | LJ

Utter Loss
Summary: Tara loses her family in an Auror raid.
Links: LJ
Tags: masterlist, writing

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