Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

The Hunger Games Movie

So, I got to see the Hunger Games movie today. I was really surprised at how packed the theater was for it being 3:15 on a Friday.

I thought the movie was decent. It wasn’t stellar, but it wasn’t crappy either. I’m going to list off some of the stuff I liked and didn’t like about it and compare it a bit to the book, so beware, spoilers ahead for both book and movie.

- I LOVED Seneca Crane and the entire arc that included him. Casting was excellent (omg he is HAWT), the beard was clever (and handsome, once you got used to it), and he brought some skills. The writing for him was pretty good, and his character arc was interesting. Poor, poor Seneca Crane.

- All of the behind-the-Games scenes. They fit so perfectly into the world, and yet they were something we couldn’t see in the book because of the POV, though I freely confess that the book wouldn’t work in any other POV other than it was written, at least not as well. I thought seeing into the Gamemaker’s Room, and the conversations with President Snow, and the ultimate way he was disciplined was great. I also loved seeing Haymitch working hard for Katniss, and feeling for her, every step of the way.

- The casting. Especially the physical casting—almost all of the characters, with the exception of Snow, was pretty much how I imagined them. Rue, Foxface (Especially Foxface!), everyone looked almost exactly like I imagined them. There wasn’t much dialogue, for obvious reasons, but all of the emoting was very well done (So much better than constipated Edward Cullen, LOL).

- Effie. I loved Effie. She was perfect. “MANNERS!” Haymitch. Oh Haymitch. I didn’t think I’d like him at first, but through the movie he won me over. Seeing him work to help Katniss out didn’t hurt either.


- I could have done with a better soundtrack. With so little dialogue, soundtrack was key, and while it was decent, it didn’t carry the movie in the way I felt it should have been carried.

- I was incredibly disappointed by the lack of Rue’s Lullabye being sung out completely. I had really been looking forward to that.

-I thought that some of the more intense moments could have been played up a bit. Katniss feels everything intensely, even if it doesn’t always seem to show. Some of those moments could have been ramped up a lot—though this in part probably goes back to the “the soundtrack could have been better” thing.

- I was disappointed in a couple of the cut scenes. I liked the bread-from-District-11 scene in the book. Though with that one, the addition of the rioting in 11 did sort of make up for it. I understand things have to be cut for the movie, but a few of them could have been a bit… smoother? Perhaps is the word I’m looking for.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good movie, but probably better if I hadn’t read the book…

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