Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

I know I'm not active much at all in any fandom right now (I do believe my Muse has committed hari kari) but something just really gets me.


Most of you know I have a long and adoring love for Percy Weasley. I know most of you think me weird for it. But I always loved percy_ficathon. over a year ago, I PMed the mod about it and she put it up for adoption. I didn't take it at the time because it was typically a big fest and I didn't want to get in over my head. That was in 2010.


At some point down the road, I mailed the new mod about when it was going to happen, and got a vague "another few months."


Now look! It's 2012, and there has still been no fest.


So color me annoyed. Despite knowing I might not be able to handle it, and that really I should run another round of Snape LDWS first, I am still tempted to email the mod and ask if I can have it.... I miss me my glasses boy.

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