Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

RP Wishlist

These are all from the original RP, the_metroplex. If you're interested in any of these characters, please let me/us know!

~ cody_milburn and rori_milburn would like their sister, Helena, who is a physical therapist at JPS Hospital, cast. Also, their other sisters Dakota and Cheyenne. (We really want these. There is some backstory, family stuff, with them, but anyone interested? This is especially wanted because there is the possibility of Rori coming out or getting outted at some point, and her relationship with her sisters has always been more controversial than with her brother, who is her best friend)

~ mona_abernathy would like her 24-year-old sister, Miranda Jackson. Some family backstory, otherwise unspecified. Jake, as Mona’s ex husband, would be interested in knowing what she’s like and what kind of relationship she has with his and Mona’s daughter, Star.

~ avabyrne would like her former roomie and bff from DC, Jess, whom she got a crush on. They hooked up once, Jess freaked out & moved, and Ava would like to repair their friendship (not find love).

~ harley_jordan would like Duck Reese, who is a mechanic who works at the garage with her. There is a little backstory developed for him (Iraq veteran who is completely deaf in one ear from a roadside bomb. He's from Alabama, is tall and beanpole thin with big ears (looks like Lukas Haas) and speaks with a heavy drawl. Might have a learning disability but not one that keeps him from being functional.

~ jasper_woods would like his former sweetheart, Jessica, cast. Jessica is about 24 years old (graduated 2005). She went to church with Jasper and they were high school sweethearts. After graduating high school, she broke up with Jasper and moved to New York, never telling him that she was pregnant. The child (unspecified at this point) would be about 5 years old.

~ maggie_ross would like her lawyer, friend, and former (30+ years ago) sweetheart Liam Tyler to be cast. I have a lot of information about him, and their friendship and things, but it would be nice if someone might want to pick him up.

~ Other: My jenni_mr has a slew of siblings, multi-ethnic, to choose from, should you want something more unspecified.

There are also others, but these are some of the ones I’d love to see for plottage reasons! Jenni is getting married to her long-time boyfriend probably this winter.

If you’re interested in any of these, please contact the LJ user specified! All have at least minor backstory, which is always fun to start with so that the character has an automatic contact in-game!
Tags: rp

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