Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Home safe and sound. I forgot to post that last night.

Not really going to discuss the bin Laden thing, only that I have varied emotions, and I'm trying to tamp my paranoia on what might come from this. However, I do have to say I loved Obama's speech, especially the part about Islam. Most of you know I grew up in the Middle East--and I knew many good Muslims. This made me feel good to hear him saying it, even if half the US won't take it to heart.

I really enjoyed con, the stress from planning and arranging for it aside. I did miss having a "con buddy" to drag me around, as even though I know y'all, I'm still shy about imposing my presence upon people. I'm a severe introvert sometimes, with self esteem issues, so yeah. But I managed to push through most of them, spending random times in the common room and everything.

The flights home went so much smoother. The Philly airport was very nice, and I had enough time to eat and play on the internet before my next flight. Was nice. Also got some sleep on both flights, which was much needed, let me tell you.

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