Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Flist Challenge: Rarepair Drabble, Percy/Pansy!

Okay, maybe I lied about goign to bed. Not lied, precisely, but changed my mind.

It's been half to forever since I've done a rarepair challenge, so I decided that today is the day for another one!

For those of you who don't know, occasionally I ask my flist to write rarepair drabbles for me. I like to challenge people to think outside the box.

The Rules, such as they are:
I challenge you, my flist, to write me drabbles of at least 100 words of the rarepair I choose each week. I will give you the pairing, which can be the prompt in and of itself, if you wish, a quote, a couple of words, and a song, which you can take separately or together.

The Challenge:
Percy Weasley / Pansy Parkinson

I have long thought of Percy/Pansy as the ultimate power couple. Oh, the things they could do together!

~ One of these quotes on power
~ family matters
~ challenge, bright, marble

(remember, those can be taken separately or together)

If you write a story/drabble/whatever, at least link me to it where you post it! Think outside the box! It can be romantic, gen, whatever you wish.

Have another rarepair you'd like to see in the future? Let me know! I have a couple on my list already, ready to be used when I'm feeling the muse.

Past pairings: Draco/Luna ... Snape/Ginny
Tags: flist challenge

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