Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

So, riddle me this

One of the members of my writing group, Dillon (the idiot), has taken what sounds like a research paper or dissertation (it's what it sounded like to me) written by someone and is rewriting it to make it better, he says. But he's not just editing it, he's rewriting it from his POV and with his opinions, making it, in his words, not stupid anymore.

Personally, I believe it's a waste of time. It is, basically, unoriginal. He should be taking the concept, using this thing as a main source, and finding other sources (not that he ever uses sources in what I consider to be his 'rants'). Instead, he's doing this, and planning on publishing it. When I questioned him on legalities, he said there was no publishing date or copyright on what he found, and that he can't find the author (and that he's looking really, really hard).

I don't think that matters. But, dear flist, what do you think? Is this just a form of plagiarism he's trying to make money from? Is there anything I can link him to in order to back up my arguments to him?

(I argue in part because I don't like him, think he's utterly boring, and in part because I genuinely think he's wrong right now. I am, however, seemingly the only person in the group who is willing to bring these things up in regards to him.)
Tags: writers are crazy

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