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04 January 2010 @ 06:06 pm
OWL Nominations  
So, it's time for OWL Award Nominations. I thought, like most others, to leave a list of what of mine is eligible. However, I'm not going to list every drabble I ever posted this year, but I am going to list some. I'm also not listing every possible nomination category, because Special Categories are so subjective.

They Said A Hundred Times I Should Have Died - Common Room, Angst, ROmance, Rarepair (Alastor/Poppy), One shot
Tricks or Treats - Common Room, Slash, PWP, Oneshot, Rarepair (James II/Teddy Lupin)
Of All the Things She Ever Said - Common Room, Slash, Angst, One Shot
Right and Wrong - Common Room, PWP, Oneshot
Seeking - Common Room, PWP, Oneshot, Rarepair (Charlie/Cho Chang)
Bouquet of Roses - Common Room, Romance, Nineteen Years Later
Unblinded - Common Room, Oneshot, Angst
The Path Less Travelled By - Common Room, Oneshot, Angst, Slash
The Final Ingredient - Common Room, Darkfic, Nineteen Years Later
The New Order of Things - Fire and Ice, Humor, Romance, Oneshot
The Thorn - Common Room, Nineteen Years Later, One shot
Brain Bleach - Common Room, Humor, Romance, Nineteen Years Later, Oneshot
Unmitigated Disaster - Common Room, Humor, Nineteen Years Later, Oneshot
Unfairest - Common Room, Angst, romance, Oneshot
Bittersweet Symphony - Common Room, Angst, Oneshot
Abduction - Common Room, Angst, Oneshot
Gravity - Common Room, Angst, Oneshot, Romance
Reaching Equilibrium - Common Room, Oneshot, PWP, Rarepair (Cedric/Fleur/Viktor)
Seeking Virtue - Common Room, Slash, Oneshot, Rarepair (Charlie/Theo Nott)
Convention - Common Room, Oneshot
A Long Wait - Common Room, Romance, Oneshot, Romance, Rarepair (Luna/Charlie)
A Birthday Wish - Common Room, Angst, Oneshot
Beginning to Crack - Common Room, Oneshot
Traitor's Games - Darkfic, Common Room, Angst, Rarepair (multiple Rarepairs, to be honest)
Heiring on the Side of Caution - Dark Fic, Common Room, Angst, Rarepair (Lilith Zabini/Leonardo Capulet)

Other rarepairs in drabbles: Neville/Pansy, Augusta Longbottom/Alastor Moody, McGonagall/Moody, Severus Snape/Pomona Sprout, Blaise/Ginny, among others.