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07 April 2009 @ 06:26 pm
It's Weasley Month...  
... at The Online Wizarding Library. As such, I thought I would pimp all of my fics that are Weasley-centric. Because I haven't pimped my stuff in quite awhile.

A Bientot
Pairing: Fred/Cecile.
Summary: Fred and George had long since disappeared into the darkness with a pair of Fleur’s cousins. -pg. 151 of DH (American edition).
Links: LJ

Letters of Love
Pairing: Fred/Cecile.
Summary: The bundle of letters is held together with a pale blue ribbon which Cecile had once worn in her silvery blonde hair. Sequel to A Bientot.
Links: LJ

Letters of Loss
Pairing: Fred/Cecile.
Summary: Cecile is informed of Fred’s death. Sequel to Letters of Love.
Links: LJ

Beginning to Crack
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Aislinn MacFusty
Summary: The egg started to crack, and she smiled at him.
Links: LJ / OWL

A Birthday Wish
Characters: Charlie Weasleys, the rest of the Weasleys
Summary: Some birthdays are harder than others.
Links: LJ / OWL

Can't Cry Hard Enough
Pairing: George Weasley/Angelina Johnson, past Angelina/Fred.
Summary: Fred is dead, and he leaves behind two people who loved him very much. How do George and Angelina deal with his death and become closer in the process?
Links: OWL

Department of Mysteries
Pairing: Arthur/Molly, misc Weasleys.
Summary: Arthur was prepared to die for the Order. At least, his mind had been. But his heart hadn’t.
Links: LJ / OWL / The Burrow / FFNET

Dragon Tamer
Pairing: Charlie/Draco
Summary: Charlie is getting another tattoo--hardly a big surprise. But who else is there getting one too?
Link: OWL

Extra Dec. 2007 RTW Drabble
Pairing: Rose/Scorpius.
Links: LJ

Hebridean Blue
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Hermione Granger
Summary: PG-13. It occurs to me that perhaps I don’t know the real Charlie Weasley at all.
Links: LJ / OWL

Lesson in Manners, A
Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Ginny Weasley.
Summary: RTW drabble.
Links: LJ / OWL

Long Wait, A
Pairings: Charlie/Luna, past Luna/Rolf, Lysander
Summary: Life is a long road that diverges many times, but with luck you will end up where you should have been all along.
Links: LJ / OWL

No Laughing Matter
Characters: Victoire Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Weasley cousins.
Summary: Halloween is all about tradition, but some people have more fun than others.
Links: Short version-- hp_halloween
Regular version-- LJ / OWL

Pairing: Percy/Hermione.
Summary: Percy is trying to reconnect with his family after the war, but it’s not easy. Not DH compliant.
Links: OWL / LJ / The Burrow / FFNET

Schedule Me In
Pairing: Percy/OW.
Summary: RTW drabble.
Links: LJ / FFNET

Seeking Virtue
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Theodore Nott
Summary: Charlie runs late again, but Theo doesn't really mind.
Links: LJ / OWL

Taste of the Storm
Pairings: Bella/Arthur, Arthur/Molly.
Summary: Bellatrix makes demands that cannot be fulfilled.
Links: LJ / OWL / TPP / The Burrow / FFNET

Pairings: Percy/Penny, George/Penny.
Summary: PG-13/R. I never should have followed her, but I had to know.
Links: LJ / The Burrow / FFNET

Uncross the Stars
Pairing: Scorpius/Rose.
Summary: James is too nosey for his own good and ends up finding more than he bargains for while snooping in Rose’s room. Post-Hogwarts for both Rose and Scorpius.
Links: LJ / OWL / TPP / FFNET

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babsbybendbabsbybend on April 7th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
Nice icon. And I would like to post at OWL.
Gelseygelsey on April 14th, 2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
Grins. Well, you can go and register, and if you have any trouble, drop me a comment or an email and I'll get you some help. After that, you can upload stuff and once someone I know gets on I'll smooth the way for you. (Annie isn't on just now... hmm. where could she be?)