Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

A question

This is actually completely unrelated to almost everything everywhere.

I was wondering while story-thinking tonight:

At what height do you consider a girl/woman short?

(Please to be pretending you have no idea how tall I am when you answer this question. And if you don't know, well, continue not knowing until you've answered.)

And to round it out:

At what height do you consider a boy/man to be short?

I'm asking because I occasionally want to make a character in a story short, but I always worry that if I make someone what I consider short, people will think I'm putting me in the character's place. Yet I'm not--I'm just writing 'what I know,' so to speak. Because really, being short is very different from being normal height--there's a lot of things I come across that I have to approach differently simply because of how tall (or rather, not tall) I am.

Thanks for indulging in my curiousity!

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