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Fic: Traitor's Games

Title: Traitor's Gamesty
Chapter: 8. Monstrous Mayhem
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/R for dark situations
Summary: AU. Voldemort won the war many years ago, and this year's Summer Games features a traitor from their midst.
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The minotaur roared his rage at the puny humans that dared invade his sanctuary. Bushes crashed in a leafy massacre in his wake, the maze twitching in protest at the abuse from the hooves of the one that usually tended it kindly.

The prey’s breathing was hard and their footsteps were quiet compared to the pounding of hooves, more frantic. Pansy’s sides ached and Seamus was regretting not exercising more in what felt, now, like an all-too-short life. But their ghost guides led them onward, despite the maze trying to hamper them at every turn, trying to help out the monster hunting them.

Outside, there was mayhem, real flames and magical flames eating everything in sight. A booming sound shattered the world somewhere off to one side, and everyone jolted and looked for the source. There was even a pause in the pounding refrain of the minotaur’s steps.

“Quickly… quickly!” There was light at the end of the tunnel, and a voice shouting at the end of it. Pansy barely recognized Hermione Granger, the bossy tone being the only key she had. The Gryffindor held a wand in one hand and some metal—Muggle?—contraption in the other, and she beckoned them to hurry.

Lungs burning, Pansy ran faster, practically dragging Seamus behind her. She imagined she could feel the breath of the monster behind her. She burst out from the maze, sucking in the sunshine that hadn’t leaked into the maze, but was brought up short with the suddenness of a sharp drop with a noose around the neck.

Pansy sprawled on the ground, her fierce grip on Seamus finally broken. She looked back in horror to see the leafy fingers of the hedge curled around her lover’s leg, pulling him back toward the maze. She could see the minotaur barrelling up that final stretch, huffing and roaring, death in his eyes.

“Come on, Parkinson!” Granger shouted at her, and Pansy’s head swivelled so she could see her rescuers ranged in an aggressive form nearby, waiting for her. Her eyes fell on Percy Weasley, with his dully copper hair—she’d had him over for dinner last week. Traitor, her mind automatically said.

He smiled faintly at her even as he pulled the trigger of the gun he held, firing toward someone in the stands. Traitor, like me. She knew in that instant that if she joined them, the catastrophe of their world might be ended. That between her and Percy, they might be able to supply enough information to bring down the Dark Lord forever. She could see that knowledge in the faces of these people who had come to rescue them—her.

Because they weren’t calling Seamus’ name. They were yelling at her, for her. She stumbled to her feet, looking to them, then looking back at Seamus.

Forward to grief, back to love. Forward to freedom, back to eternal confinement.

Forward to uncertain life, back to certain death.

Her breath caught in her throat, her heart pounded in her ears, and everything whirled in her head and her heart.

And she decided, and took the steps to meet her destiny.

A/N: Please don't kill me *cringes* I've been trying for an ending like that for years.

Oh, and I said each chapter was from the POV of a different couple--this one is loosely implied Minotaur/Maze, if you're wondering. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed this.
Tags: traitor's games, writing

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