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16 January 2009 @ 05:50 pm
Fic: Traitor's Games  
Title: Traitor's Games
Chapter: 5. Clasped for Eternity
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/R for dark situations
Summary: AU. Voldemort won the war many years ago, and this year's Summer Games features a traitor from their midst.
Other links: Found at OWL

Pansy and Seamus barrelled through the maze, driven by fear and desperation. Part of them knew there was no winning, but irrational hope still stirred in their breasts. But when two spectres shimmered into existence directly in front of them, beckoning the competitors, both were shocked.

This way, one murmured, coolness on a humid gust of air.

“Theo!” The maze muffled Pansy’s exclamation and Seamus’ shriek.

We know the way, his companion added, ghostly tatters of her sari tangling around the white, entwined fingers.

Pansy paused briefly—Theo and Padma were once her closest friends. Until things had gone so wrong. But a lifetime of trust couldn’t erase one supposed betrayal, and Pansy still trusted them. The ghosts flitted forward like a magical compass, away from danger, toward the faintest hope of an exit. Seamus and Pansy followed, still holding onto one another.

Theo and Padma didn’t pause upon passing the jumbled embrace of bones and rotted fabric. The faded material was the same as the translucent pattern that Padma now wore. Pansy stifled a sob when she saw the eternally clasped hands, rings clicking against bones in counterpoint to the roar of the approaching monster.