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I was just going to pimp myself today, but I read a brilliant fic today and thought I'd pimp it out as well.

Title: A Fresh Start
Author: dickgloucester
Summary: Neville, Snape and Hermione return to Hogwarts after the summer. Some things have changed in the post-Voldemort world – how do they cope? (Response to prompt 12 on the Potter Place Fall Challenge Prompt List.)

This story is funny, sweet, touching, funny, and just all around wonderfully written and I think all of you should read it.

And now the self-pimpage.

Title: Lips of an Angel
Pairings: Vikor/OFC, Ron/Hermione, Viktor/Hermione.
Summary: His name never sounded so sweet, coming from the lips of an angel.
Links: LJ / OWL / TPP / Lumos / FFNET

Have you ever had a story you know for a fact isn't your best, but you love it desperately anyway? You smile fondly whenever you think of it and it would make the top five of your favourites you've ever written? Well, this is one of those stories for me. Every time I hear the song, I think fondly of the story it inspired even though it isn't my best written story.

Do you have a story like that? *curious*
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