Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

I've never pimped this author before, but I've really enjoyed his Goblin books. Jim Hines (aka jimhines) is a very funny author whose blog is great to follow. He talks about writing, publishing, and just life in general as well. It's great.

I can't wait for his new series to come out some time next year. It's all about the fairytale princesses, but in a very different sort of way, and I'm very eager as you should know this is precisely the type of thing I dearly love.

He's doing an auction right now, proceeds to go to a national domestic violence group. As the bidding price goes up, he's planning on throwing in additional prizes. The main thing though is a signed reviewers copy of The Stepsister Scheme (dude, I'm really hoping I'm getting all these names right).

^-- here is a link and pic pimp of it. If you have some extra money or something, this would be a really good cause to use it for and you'd get a book and other cool prizes out of it.

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