Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Fic: The Chaperone

Title: The Chaperone
Character/Pairing: Theodore Nott/Pansy Parkinson, Nicholas Parkinson
Rating: PG-13/R for sexual situations
Warnings: Sexual situations
Word count: 429
Summary: Theo and Pansy get caught snogging by their chaperone.
A/N: Written for delayed_poet because I was inspired and amused.

Warmth and heat surrounded Theodore Nott and beat through him slowly—the lazily bubbling hot water of the Jacuzzi around him, and the beautiful, sexy witch on his lap. For all the relaxing properties of the water, the snogging they were engaged in—Pansy was quite a good kisser, he was finding—and the way she rubbed against him under the concealment of the water definitely wasn’t relaxing certain parts of him.

Hidden under the bubbles, his hands roamed, cupping and squeezing her arse and stroking her thighs. Lips and tongues were intimately involved when a light clearing of a throat was heard. Not very deep, it was nonetheless striving for sternness. Theo’s hands immediately jumped up to a muchm ore appropriate spot on her lower back, though they still couldn’t be seen. Long fingers splayed across sinfully wet skin to keep her from moving.

Pansy’s gasp in his ear this time had nothing to do from the little bit of fun they’d been indulging in, but from the shock of being interrupted, but her brother, no less.

“Pansy,” the ten-year-old boy said, his attempt at grown-up remonstrance missed completely by the boyhood timbre.

Theo peeked over his shoulder through his fringe to see the boy planted firmly in the doorway with his arms crossed over his thin chest.

“Nicholas! You’re supposed to be in bed.” Pansy’s cheeks were flushed with warmth and embarrassment. He was much too young to be walking in on them in any sort of situation, mostly innocent snogging or not.

“I’m also supposed to be the chaperone,” Nicholas said plaintively.

Pansy frowned in response, and the expression only deepened when Theo’s shoulders began to shake with repressed laughter. He snickered against the wet skin of her shoulder.

Sometimes he had a completely inappropriate sense of humor. Laughing at Lavinia’s madness in Titus Andronicus, Nathan’s broom incident, getting caught by her little brother snogging in the hot tub….

“It’s not funny,” Pansy hissed in his ear.

The words didn’t deter him. “Well, we did tell him that he was an appropriate tyupe of chaperone to have around on an informal trip,” he replied quietly, still inappropriately amused. “We just had the misfortune to get caught.”

Pansy thwapped him lightly on the shoulder. “You wouldn’t be so amused if you knew precisely what I’d planned on doing later,” she murmured wickedly in his ear before rising and following her sternly beckoning brother back into their own hotel suite, leaving behind a hopelessly aroused and no longer amused Theo to languish by himself in the bubbling water.
Tags: hp, hp rpg, writing

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