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Ishmael Wang

My beloved flist, as some of you are quite new to my journal, I feel that I should take the time to introduce you to a very beloved person -- Mr Ishmael Wang.

Mr Wang is the protagonist in a series of of free audiobooks, and I must say, I adore him quite fully and completely. Perhaps the writing isn't spectacular in the first couple of books, and the plot not completely well-rounded, but there is something indefinable that simply hooks you in the moment you start listening. You just love him. You love the characters. You love the story.

And because I adore him so completely, I am going to link you to the four completed stories. While I might be a tad possessive and wistful over the hot and yummy Ishmael, I really do want to share him with you all.

Book 1 - Quarter Share. We first meet Mr Wang when he is orphaned on a planet and must find a way to earn money or passage off before the Company that runs the planet does it for him. Enter the solar clipper the Lois McKendrick and a delightful crew.

Book 2 - Half Share. Ishmael Wang has been on the Lois McKendrick for some time now, and he is learning to fit in... learning to be a spacer as well as growing into the man he was meant to be. Follow Ishmael into tight jeans and mystery as he works his way up the ratings.

Book 3 - Full Share. The Lois McKendrick runs into trouble during what should have been an easy, customary jump into another system. Follow Ishmael as he helps to discover more about what happened, about himself, and about the people around him.

Book 4 - Double Share. Ishmael has gone to school and is on his first real job, and things are not working out like he thought they would. The William Tinker is different from any ship he's ever been on, and not in a good way. How does our inestimable Mr Wang handle the change, and what does he do in these circumstances?

I just finished Book 4 and I'm left sighing wistfully, wanting more. I don't know if he has any further plans for it, but I truly hope he does. I strongly urge you to take the time and listen to these free podiobooks, and if you can afford it, to contribute a little to the author. I cannot afford to do so, and so I promote him to all of you fine people and hope that Ish will brighten your day as he has mine (several times over, as I relisten to the past).

Much love to all, and please, enjoy!
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