Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Fic - Delusional

Also written at the airport in Nashville the other day (as has every ficcy thing I've been posting lately).

Title: Delusional
Prompt: 5 – delusional
Characters/Pairing: Lee/Hestia
Word Count: 157
Warnings/Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lee was delusional to even think of crossing that line.
A/N: Written for lostbutlooking on IJ. I hope you like it!

Lee was delusional, he knew, to even think of kissing Hestia. Certainly, he’d known her for the better part of a year, spent a goodly portion of his time with her, but there was always that friends-only line that cleanly separated them.

Oh, occasionally it was smudged when Val just had to have Misser Lee when she had a nightmare. Smudged when Lee had to fetch Hestia with a hastily thrown on robe in the middle of the night because they were out of Calming Draught and Ian had a screaming nightmare.

Definitely smudged (though unknown to her) when he woke some mornings and she was the first thing on his mind. With predictable male results.

But to actually cross it? He didn’t dare. He depended too much on her, they were too good of friends. So why was he staring at her lips while pretending to read the paper again? Oh yes, because he was delusional.
Tags: fic, prompt table, writing

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