Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Fic - Realization

Title: Realization (Pt. 3)
Prompt: 34 – Wrong
Characters/Pairing: Kay/Ginny, Kit.
Word Count: 515
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for language and reference to sexual situations.
Summary: Ginny wakes up and realizes exactly what she did last night.
A/N: Written for eclecticnpink. I hope you like it! Part 1 / Part 2

They awoke twined in one another, smooth limbs with smooth limbs, breasts touching. One of his soft, manicured hands was cupped possessively around one of her small breasts, his head buried against her shoulder as he slept.

The beginnings of the day leaked under the curtains of the room at the inn, lending fire to Ginny’s hair. She stirred first, struggling to remember where she was, and who she was with. She froze as it came back to her, as she realized that her partner was a woman, that it was her small breasts pressed to her side and her smooth legs twined with hers.

That the loose-limbed feeling of the morning after amazing sex was due all to her, a woman just a little taller than she, who looked more than a little vulnerable at the moment as she continued to sleep.

A panicked feeling fluttered in her chest and belly, places she all too clearly recalled being kissed only hours ago. Merlin and Nimue, I had sex with a woman! she thought, aghast. It was wrong, so wrong, but it had been so… good. Satisfying.

Kay stirred and Ginny watched with horrified fascination as the other woman’s eyes fluttered open, eyelashes casting shadows on the fair cheeks. There was something faintly different this morning, but Ginny put it down to her realizing that she’d slept with a woman.

“Morning,” the short-haired woman said almost cautiously. Ginny’s response was to fly from the touch , sheets clutched up over her chest.

Kit frowned in faint disapproval. She knew of Kay’s antics last night, and though she didn’t necessarily approve (Kat would have a fit if she knew!), she certainly didn’t like the faint horror and disgust that she could see in the eyes of the redhead that had been their bed partner the night before. “Oh, please. You know you enjoyed it. Get over yourself,” she said, resisting – barely – the urge to sneer.

Ginny’s cheeks flushed. “How dare—“ she started.

“Don’t you ‘how dare’ me,” Kit hissed, leaning forward angrily, heedless of her nakedness. Kay might royally step in it at times, but they shared this body and like hell would she put up with the hypocrisy of this little chit. “You slept with me – what precious little sleeping we did. You liked it, very much. Don’t you dare deny it, and don’t you dare let your next morning regrets be thrown at me. You go deal with your homophobia and your hangover somewhere else.”

The Weasley looked affronted and more than a little taken aback. She also looked like she was about to argue.

“Go!” Kit said more loudly, and Ginny jumped. Kit’s brown eyes flashed as she found herself on the receiving end of a glare, but finally the other woman hastened to get her things and slammed herself into the loo to change. “Fucking hypocrite,” she muttered. “And don’t think you’re out of the doghouse,” she added to Kay before standing languidly and gathering her own clothes. She apparated home before Ginny dared leave the small sanctuary of the loo.
Tags: fic, prompt table, writing

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