June 25th, 2011

Darkwing - darkwing duck!

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You know, I cannot get LJ's scrapbook feature to work no matter what I do.

Every time I try to upload something, it tells me I'm not logged in, but I go to the log in page, and I'm already logged in.


Has anyone else had this problem?
Myth - spring blonde

Garden Picspam

So I've been taking photos since spring of our gardens and flowers around the place. My mum is very talented at gardening. I have a whole lot more pics than I have patience to size down and upload, so here is just a sampling. A few are from earlier in the spring, some from a couple of weeks ago, and some today. A few are also some plants we keep indoors in the winter.

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Just had to share the pretties! Maybe if I feel like it later, I'll do a few more.