August 31st, 2010

Myth - spring blonde

Snape LDWS pimpage.

Spread the love, even if you're not going to participate! (I want you to participate. This is me dangling temptation.)

Come one, come all! Ensnare the senses with Severus Snape!

All variations of Snape-love (gen, het, or slash) are encouraged and welcomed!

Sign ups have begun!

Round starts September 4th!
HP - light reading, for a ravenclaw

SSHG Exchange

So, the reveals are finally up!

And I can finally, finally, tell the story I realized a few weeks ago. I went through the exchange going... okay, when is mine going to be posted? THen a few weeks ago, I supposed it had been posted at some point when my internet was spazzing out. So I thought I should go back and see when it was. I procrastinated and put it off almost until the last piece was posted, then I finally went through the digest and found it.

It was one of the first batch posted O.o

So color me stupid, but I hadn't realized it had been posted so very early in the exchange. Makes me feel like an idiot.

But that's beside the point. My contribution to the Exchange was Third Star to the Right for cecelle.

In a lot of ways, I really like the fic I wrote, and enjoyed writing it. It probably could have gone more in depth--I need to find someone to needle me to do that some time. I had to go through a lot of ideas in order to reach the one I finally settled on, since the request was for something people would know/popular fiction--and I tend toward fangirling books people don't know.

I really loved my artwork I received by gilded_glamour--The Last Kiss. It's very beautiful, and I thank her so very much for it!

I started out with the intent to review everything, especially with Exchange Bingo to help me along, but work got really crazy, what with me changing schedules and training for QA and all this stuff, and I got away from it. I need to go back and do some reading at some point. There was so much good stuff this year. I still wish we could have awesome fests like this one for other corners of fandom.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed my fic. I will reply to you all eventually!