March 2nd, 2009

Myth - spring blonde

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Last night's entertainment:

AU Crossover -- Harry Potter x House MD
(yes, triskellion, this is your fault)
Something is wrong with the Dark Lord, and the Death Eaters have tried every magical solution. Nothing worked, so they figure it is something from the Muggle side. Severus Snape (the unlucky bastard) has the duty (as the only halfblood in the inner circle) to find someone to help. So he finds and kidnaps one Gregory House.

What happens? No House as wizard, but maybe one of his team has connections? How does "breaking and entering" into Voldie's quarters go? Extra points if the root of the problem is a mutated STD. Mostly crack fic, but with leeway for seriousness.

Extra EXTRA bonus points if Cameron somehow hits on/falls for a DE and gets shot down.

Will someone write this for me?

Yes, I'm actually serious. But OH SO AMUSED.


Does anyone else ever dream up excellent crossover ideas?