June 10th, 2008

Myth - spring blonde

Fic - I Can't Help It

This is one of my responses to the most recent challenge at romancingwizard. Actually, the last 750 words are what I wrote for the challenge. The first 750 I added afterwards. I also won this Enchanted Quill for the last half :D


Challenge Nineteen: Bring Out Your Dead!
Title: Can’t Help It
Author: gelsey
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/R for character death
Genre: General, Romance/Despair
Word count: 1500
Prompt: 32. an outdoor concert
Summary: She can’t help it. She never has been able to. She can’t help watching him. She can’t help fancying him. She can’t help anything.

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Myth - spring blonde

Mash Game: Predict Your Future at eSPIN-the-Bottle

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Daniel Jackson.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in New Zealand in our fabulous Mansion.  
  We will have 3 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a silver Porshe.
  I will spend my days as a novelist, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future