Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Double Drabble - Running on the Beach

Title: Running on the Beach
Character/Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Dee Fleming
Prompt: 9- dirty - Blaise/someone for eclecticnpink on IJ
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings: Vaguely suggestive.
Word count: 200
Summary: Blaise's and Dee's day at the beach.
A/N: This is Blaise and Dee from my other RP, Silent Twilight. They actually did have a day at the beach a few weeks ago, and this is when I'm setting this.

He chased her through the surf, wrestling her playfully back into the salty waves. She squeals and struggles, skin slipping under his fingers. “Gotcha,” Blaise tells her, her wet blonde hair sticking to his chest above the water.

“No you don’t!” Dee laughs back, and somehow wiggles just out of his grasp again, taking off for the beach at a run. He takes off after her after he gains his balance back, unable to resist giving chase, especially when the prize is a certain blonde, bikini-clad woman.

She makes it to the water line of the beach, and the dry sand kicked up sticks to both of them, clinging to the damp skin. He reaches her just before she reaches the blanket, strong arms wrapping around her and lifting her up.

“Cheater!” she declares, but she’s laughing and struggling simultaneously.

They end up on the beach blanket in a dirty tangle. “Wicked witch,” he tells her more softly, one hand reaching up to skim across her cheek. The contrast of tan to caramel chocolate is intriguing, as is the play of shadows across her face. He leans forward and claims her lips, groaning softly as she eagerly returns his kiss.
Tags: blaise, fic, hp, rp, writing

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