Gelsey (gelsey) wrote,

Drabble-ette - You're Late

Title: You're Late
Prompt: 11- Forgive
Character/Pairing: Theodore Nott/Verity O'Shea
Rating: G
Warnings: Is silliness a warning?
Word count: 132
Summary: Theo's running late -- sort of.
A/N: Written for lostbutlooking on IJ from This Prompt Table.

“You’re late,” Verity said, pouting her lips at him.

Theo took out a pocket watch that was tucked into a pocket of his dress robes. “By thirty seconds, Ver,” he said in a voice of fond exasperation that was reserved almost especially for her.

“But late is late,” she said, standing and straightening out her beautiful dress robes. He resisted the urge to childishly stick out his tongue.

“Fine, then I’m late. But you look spectacular, my dear,” he told her, taking her hand and spinning her around so that her robes twirled prettily. Theo could be quite charming when he wished to be.

“Flatter away, dear Theo, but you’re still not forgiven for being late.”

He rolled his eyes behind her back, though a smile curved his lips.

“I saw that.”
Tags: fic, prompt table, writing

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