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Prompt responses

Title: Her Temptation Now
Prompt: 01- Temptation
Character/Pairing: Trella Duvane/Elias Bloodreign
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Allusion to sex, drugs, and rock and roll
Word count: 178
Summary: Trella faces temptation.
A/N: For the record of the unknowing, Trella is set in HP and is a world-renown singer.

Trella finished her evening of singing at the club with one final, riotous round of applause. Even after these months, the club filled on the nights she sang; she hadn’t lost her edge or her appeal as a singing star.

Every night, she gets invited to stay after and party harder. Sometimes she was very tempted to – the lure of losing herself in the alcohol and maybe more would fill her, making her want to reach out and accept. But it was dangerous, that urge. Temptation was dangerous because it could send her back on the path she’d left when she stopped touring.

So instead, she smiled and shook her head, declining. “Maybe next time,” she said. And they always believed her, because she always meant it, until the next time came.

She had Eli to go home to, after all. His ring on her finger, his body in her bed. His strength to keep her steady. Eli was her anti-drug, her love, the one thing she had never expected to actually find.

He was her temptation now.

Title: Secrets Should Be Sins
Prompt: 33- Secrets
Character/Pairing: Blaise Zabini, mention of Miya Zabini
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Word count: 178
Summary: Secrets should be sins, but if they were, he would be going straight to hell.

Blaise thinks that secrets should be sins. A boy such as he, Slytherin or not, should not have to hide the thing that is most dear to him in all the world. He should not have to pretend that he does not worry or does not care. He should not have to smile coolly and act as if he has no idea what that kind of love is.

But there is a war on. He’s known it was coming from his first year in school, everyone who had more than two braincells had known. And so, though it was new, though it was precious, though he longed to ask someone for advice, he never said a word.

He hides her in France, in a house he had built not far from the shore. His elf, Darby, who had practically raised him from birth has watched similarly over her.

His sister, the little girl who wasn’t supposed to be born. The happy, dancing child that made him smile and could convince him to do almost anything. Even play with dolls.

He loves her, and so he hides her. Keep her secret, keep her safe. Else someone on either side could pull him across the line he walked so precariously, use her to make him wield his family’s power one way or another.

So yes, secrets should be sins. But if they were, he would be going straight to hell.
Tags: fic, hp, writing

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