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Fic: Ashes of the Heart

This is the first of three fics I wrote for the recent challenge at romancingwizard. I'm putting them here for personal safekeeping, lol. So if you've already seen them, feel free to pass me by.


Challenge Seventeen: Messages From The Heart
Title: Ashes of the Heart
Author: gelsey
Wizard/Witch: Blaise Zabini/Pansy Parkinson
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Despair
Word count: Exactly 750
Prompt: 4. Ode to my lover…
Summary: Sometimes, no matter how happy something makes you, it just isn't meant to be. Loss and grief burn away the memory of that happiness and leave but ashes of the heart.

Ashes of the HeartCollapse )

Tags: fic, rtw, writing

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