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Second day of classes done, and only one class I still have to get a feel for--Archery is tomorrow, yay.

My intercultural communication/sociology class will be a lot of work and small projects, I think. Advanced Copy Editing should be all right, a lot of work too, but not too bad overall. The teachers of both classes seem nice and helpful. I haven't had this many female teachers in a long time.

... actually, they're all female so far. That is so weird.

I have the itch to craft, and the craft I want to do is quilting (which, you know, I've not done before). However, I don't have a sewing machine. Gah.

Is it possible to buy a cheap sewing machine? Somewhere, anywhere? *gusty sigh*

Of course, I still need to buy my glass/water fabric and the border fabric. But that doesn't change the fact that I want to plaaaaayyyyyy. LOL.

Sigh. Back to trying to write this scene that is being so damn stubbourn.

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