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Snowflake catch up, Days 6, 7, sort of 8, and 9

hallenge #6

In your own space, make a list — anything between one and ten things is a sweet spot, but don't feel constrained by that! - of things that you wish existed in fandom or elsewhere, or that you'd like someone to make for you. Are you dying for podfic of your writing? Do you need icons for a character that doesn't get much fanart? Is there a story you want to read? Are you looking for new canons to get into? Would you like a collaborator for a project?

Maybe you want more people to talk about a certain fandom with, or you'd love to trade ficlets with somebody over email. Maybe you're new to a fandom and would like some recs to start reading, or communities to join. This is the time to ask!

1. any art from any of my stories found on AO3

2. A new Journal layout

3. anything fun to do with the Nevernight Chronicles or NOS4A2.

4. If you can ever find my muse and my ability to write again, I'd appreciate if you'd send it/them home.

5. Fannish christmas ornaments.

Challenge #7

Promote/Rec/Sing the Praises* of Yourself!

~ Most of my writing can be found found on AO3

~ I don't have a ton of things other than dog photos and craft photos on it right now, but once spring hits I'll be back to taking pictures on Instagram.

Don't really have much else to say about myself. I've been in a writing slump for over a year now, and I don't see the end of it.

Challenge #8

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

Skipping day 8, I haven't read much new lately, but there's tons of excellent things out there! I love all of you!

Challenge #9

In your own space, promote at least one canon that you adore (old, new, forever fandom).


~ I have so many canon things I love from my favorite things. Y'all know HP is always my heart, and there's so much of it I love, but also so much fanon that has sunk into me over the years, LOL.

I don't know what else to put here right now! Sorry!

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20007 - Snowflake#4

In case you're wondering, I've skipped day three on purpose. Most of the comms I've most dearly loved are now defunct. :(

Challenge #4

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

Reading goals
~ Read 100 books.
~ consistently update Goodreads.
~ Read more hard copy books.

General Me goals
~ work on my patience.
~ work on keeping work at work. (Emotionally.(
~ be kinder to others.
~ keep trying to improve my health, mental and physical. Maybe even exercise more. (If I had a covered arenA this would be so much easier)
~ keep my temper better
~ try to start writing again.

Work goals
~ continue to learn AutoCAD
~ learn how to actually use Illustrator
~ internalize more of the packaging information (flute sizes, etc)
~ get salaried with at least a net of $30k. We'll see. This isn't really up to me other than to make myself look good.

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HP - of house elves and children's tales

20003 - Snowflake #2

Challenge #2

In your own space, talk about your fannish history.

Glad I didn't include this in my intro! Lol.

Anyway, I think i've been a fan for longer than I've known there was such a thing. Growing up, I was obsessed with Nancy Drew, with the Dragonriders of Pern, and with Star Trek. I used to even tell my brother made up dragonrider stories when we were at my dad's when I was a teen.

But I didn't discover fandoms were a thing until I'd read the first several Harry Potter books. I LOVED them. But even then, I didn't discover fandom until found a link on Leaky, I think, to some fanfiction. Even then, I didn't really find it until there was an article about some fanfiction and it linked me to one of the original SS/HG fics, and to a fic site I can't even remember the names of. I became entranced and then obsessed, and then I found WIKTT, and the rest is history. I think this was near the end of 2003, which was my first semester at college and my first time having ready and constant access to the internet.

Though I absorbed a ton of it, none of my SS/HG fics ever gained a following. My writing at first, of course, wasn't great. I found a tiny niche in rare pairs. I've archived most of my stuff on AO3.

I have since dabbled in a few fandoms, particularly the Star Trek reboot. But several years ago I just stopped being able to write fanfics on any large scale. In part, I burned myself out writing a novel for a fest (I didn't REALIZE it was going to be novel length to start with, you understand) in like, 6 weeks. But it never came readily back to me, probably in part because I was working 12 hr nights and just couldn't any more.

I have gone to a bunch of Harry Potter conventions and also some much broader conventions. Mostly sci-fi/fantasy related. I have extensively RPed in the Harry Potter world as well as in some original things. But this past year, I also seem to have lost the ability to do even that. Maybe it will come back. Maybe it won't.

My other contributions to fandoms are, I suppose, promoting a bunch of books as well as some authors I'm personally acquainted with, a few with somewhat big names but many more who I suspect will BECOME some bigger names at some point. *stares at her friend Jason pointedly* I swear to god if he ever writes his young adult series, I will MAKE it the most popular fucking thing since Harry Potter. AHEM.

But anyway, my forays into fandoms have been very diverse. I've read a lot of fandoms I haven't participated in, often because I had friends who were fans (and sometimes needed me to beta/edit things, which i actually still do for some people <3). But I'm not really someone people know or think of, just a lurker on the edges of things :)

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Myth - spring blonde

20001 - Snowflake #1

Challenge #1

In your own space, introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Jasmine, though I will always answer to Gelsey. I've had this handle for far too long not to respond to it :) I'll be 35 this year. I'm hopelessly single and childless, which saddens me. I live near my parents (mum and stepdad), and collectively we have two horses, Bobbi (paint saddlebred) and Butterfly (mule marked bay Paso fino, retired due to health); two dogs, Paloma (bassador, 4 years old) and Belle (Australian cattle dog, blue, and mostly blind, just over 9 months old); and a bunch of chickens.

I'm essentially a technical writer and amateur drafter with a scientific glassware company where I've worked for about 12 years next August, though I've only been in this position for a year and a half, and only learned basic drafting this year. I was formerly Quality and packer and stacker. I don't particularly care for my job, though parts of it are very interesting; I really don't like people a lot of the time.

I struggle with depression, so I'm not always great company. I like to bitch and moan to get things out of my system. I love to read. I used to write a lot, but haven't in about a year. I love to take pictures.

So yes, obviously, I ramble and have issues. Hi. This is me. *awkward wave*

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Aladdin - praise the monkey


All the package dramas!

But we're going to start strong with a thank you to phenomenal, whom I assume was my secret Santa! I'm so glad that the package getting drenched in the storm last night didn't mean anything was damaged. WHEW! I was so stressing when I went out the door this morning and found two packages, one very wet and one dampish, having apparently arrived after I got home, which never happens. I didn't get a chance to open them until this evening though!

Collapse )

I also got that second package, and it's lucky it didn't get soaked, because it was full of books from smeddley! THANK YOU. This is great :D

I love my friends.

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Myth - spring blonde

Snowflake Challenge Days 4, 5, and 6

Day 4

Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you've interacted with and friend/follow them. Afterwards, leave a comment in this post with the equivalent of "I did it!"

I'm really bad at this one, but I do reply to everyone who talks to me! Does that count? Anyway, i always welcome new friends, especially if they update LJ and have a desire to interact with me. I get frustrated when i have a ton of people who never comment. No one ever has to say something to everything, but I put out too much personal stuff to have primarily lurkers (unless I've known you forever, then it's okay, I undestand).

Day 5

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I'm not overly involved anymore, but here's a go.

1) [community profile] interhouse_fest. We ARE planning on running another round, hopefully soonish, though we would like a third person to help with the scut work, given one of us has two small children and the other is just lazy apparently (that would be me, yes). We're an awesome HP fest comm that promotes stories between people of different houses. It's fun! We just have to get the ball rolling.

2) one_bad_man is an excellent recommendation group and I'e read a bunch of stuff that is delightful from them.

3) sshg_giftfest also puts out some of the best writing! even if I do try to convince some of those awesome people to try different htings sometimes ;)

Day 6

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

I am a greedy person lol

1) I would love some more icons. Right now I'm leaning towards dinosaurs/Jurassic Park/Jurassic World. Honestly mostly of the dinos :P Maybe even a layout, but I'm perfectly content with icons.

2) Art of anything I've written my works on AO3.

3) money for Misticon :P haha yeah right. But maybe I wasn't as greedy as I'd thought I was. First two are my wishes!

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Snowflake Challenge Day 3

Day 3

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh, this is difficult. Everyone knows that HP is my favorite forever, but i'm not actually sure I have a favorite bit of canon.

Except maybe that I love thestrals.

My favorite episode, ever, of Star Gate is the Time Loop episode. Season 4, episode whatever. Lmao. I love that one so much.

There's a TON of things I love in Jim Butcher's Dresden files. He's such a good world builder. But Sue.... Sue is my favorite.

Really i could rattle on about a lot of things I love, really. It's so hard to choose.

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Mummy - it&#39;s just a book

Snowflake Challenge Day 2

Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

1) The Alexandra Quick series, an HP spinoff type thing, by Inverarity. Love these and they've written the next book and are in edits. I need to find time to reread them at some point.

2) I'm not sure if I recced this last year or not, but the Love is for Children series set in the MCU verse featuring the avengers. It features non-sexual age play and is really good. It's my "I need a boost and a safe place" reading and I really recommend it.

I've not been reading much fanfic in the last year, but I know there's plenty of others.

3) and because I love dinosaurs... Pushing Boundaries series.

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